by Kulululu

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Recorded and mixed by David Pollock at Fortress Galaxy in Portland OR
Mastered by Julian Silva at On Air Mastering in Portland OR

"Their music only adds to the disorientation; it’s art-punk operating within the parameters of free jazz, and it’s real weird. This week, they’re releasing a new self-titled album. Pogo-stick rhythms devolve into saxophone freak-outs on tracks like “Green Grass” and “Bee Ba Do Ba Dow,” while “Crab Dad” and “Crab Dad Again” refine the art of the sub-one-minute punk explosion." -Ciara Dolan Portland Mercury

"Kulululu Is a High Concept, Low Brow Spectacle."

"The term "Kulululu" is used by the band in an interchangeable elasticity. It's a verb, a noun, a philosophy. If you ask them what it is they'll tell you it could be anything. You might have Kulululu and not even know it. You might be Kulululu right now." -Cris Lankenau Willamette Week


released July 29, 2017

Special thanks to David Pollock, Noah Nixon, Julian Silva, Chris Riedl, Haley Heynderickx, Joseph Berman, Bob and Carrie Evans, Dazzleships Records, and all of the inhabitants of the earth.



all rights reserved


Kulululu Portland, Oregon

Kulululu has traveled long and far to finally arrive on earth. While here, Kulululu is in search of the answers to the questions; why? and why not? You may not understand what they are saying. You may not understand why they look the way they do. They may not understand these things either. What's important is that time is continuous, and without it we cannot find our way back to where we started. ... more

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Track Name: We Are Kulululu
we are kulululu
and you are kulululu
yes we are kulululu
and you are also that thing that we are called kulululu

he is kulululu
and she is kulululu
yes you are kulululu
and we are kulululu

Track Name: Tee Vee
we are two with me
check us out on channel 14

painting happy trees
far out all around antenna bending colors on my tv

tv look at me
looking at you staring back at
tv tv look at me
looking at you staring back at
Track Name: Bee ba do ba dow
just look into my eyes
and don't you dare ask why
unless you want to know
and then you should ask why

we want to heal your souls
so we can make them whole
just look into our eyes
and don't you dare ask why
Track Name: Having Fun
are you feeling fine?
how fine are you feeling?
i think you're feeling just fine

are you having fun?
how much fun are you having?
i think you're having too much
Track Name: Crab Dad
my dad's a crab and i call him crab dad
crab dad
Track Name: Do What You're Told
tie your shoes
wipe your mouth
brush your teeth
don't be late
drive a car
go to school
get a job
don't be a fool
don't be weird
shake my hand like you mean it
now go clean it
shave your head
make your bed
have a kid
and then be dead
Track Name: #14
it's only five thirty pm
take a look out the door
find the sunken devil until he blows away
and fills the holes in your flore
look for more
ask again
tell me nothing isn't better when you've got too much of it all

send a flower to a loved one
let your skin and your blood retreat
leave an open window for them
or a piece of this to eat
Track Name: Green Grass
the grass is always greener on the other side
and all the people over there seem like there doing fine
until you look inside of them
and find that they're all empty

all the things they have are so nice
and all the cars the drive are so fly
all the clothes they wear are so fine
why can't it all just be mine?
Track Name: Hands To Yourself
don't you dare put anything where it does not belong
you should know much better than that
you should know you're wrong
how would you like it if someone treated you like that
i hope that you've learned your lesson
and you're never going back

maybe someday they will learn to treat you with respect
instead of always taking anything that they can get
it would be so nice to teach our kids to care to think
and then maybe they would be kind
and then maybe they wouldn't stink
Track Name: Crab Dad Again
my dad's a crab and i call him crab dad
crab dad
Track Name: Skateboard Song
I can't do a backflip or frontflip
either way i just cant
i can't do a hand plant
or a heal flip
or a frontside healflip
backside crooked grind
or a hardflip
or a rocketair
mm but i don't care

but i'll tell you
i do love to
ride my board
and have a good time cruising down a slopey hill
slopey hill slopey hill slopey hill
carving up the asphalt

la la la la la la la la la lan la la