Super Totally

by Kulululu

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released July 14, 2015

Recorded in Portland Oregon. Mastered at Sky Onion Mastering Studio.



all rights reserved


Kulululu Portland, Oregon

Kulululu has traveled long and far to finally arrive on earth. While here, Kulululu is in search of the answers to the questions; why? and why not? You may not understand what they are saying. You may not understand why they look the way they do. They may not understand these things either. What's important is that time is continuous, and without it we cannot find our way back to where we started. ... more

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Track Name: Freak Out
you're cool
at least you think you are
look at the way you won't move around

so calculated
woops! don't slip up
you might get laughed at
you wouldn't want that, you would wan't that now OH!

freak you out gona freak you out freak you out gona freak you out
Track Name: #3
hello again
it appears that everything is going well
is there anything that i can get you?
is there anything that you need?
is there anything?
anything at all...that i can get you?
anything you need?
anythinggg at all?
...well ok then.
Track Name: Oh Please Won't You Be So Kind?
I can't sleep
I'd better do

I can't seem to turn it off
this thing I've learned to call my mind

I can't seem to turn this damn thing off
oh won't you help me turn it off
oh won't you please turn this damn thing off

I can't sleep
I'd better do

oh please won't you be so kind
and turn off this thing called my mind

Track Name: Today's A Day_More Information

today's a day
like any other day
and what a great day
it is

now look around
on this great day
paint a smile on your face
and put your frown into your pocket HEY!

the ferris wheel
it will not turn
the tiny people in the drawing on the sidewalk will melt and be wahed away
into the river
that's running full with ribbons toenails glass and roses form the corner HEY!

and now it's gone
the day has passed
but alas tomorrow is another
and it is arriving fast
now go
and don't be shy
just slip into a world of dreams and wonder where you'll finally learn to fly COME ON!


i don't want to give you more information i don't really want to give you any information at all.